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About Gallery LUKART


My experiences in this field

I am the member of The Association of Collectors and Friends of Exlibris /1/ (SSPE) since 2003. I am mentioned in the book The personalities of Czech Exlibris which was published in 2005. I was sent as the nacional delegate SSPE to 36th FISAE/2/ Congress in Russia in 2016 where I invited members of FISAE to 37th Fisae Congress to Prague, which is going to be in 2018. I also regulary attend to the meeting of collectors Ex-Libris from all around the world.

What I Do

I select for you quality artwork made by the use of original graphic techniques such as etching, litography, wood engraving, wood cutting and silk screen printing or combination of the above. The works involve, above others, ex libris, free graphics and books with original illustrations /bibliophilia. All are limited editions of 50 to 100 pieces.

How I Do It

I cooperate with masters of original graphic techniques from the whole of Europe. Together with these artists, I plan art projects to make them most interesting for you and satisfying your most demanding conceptions.

Where I Live

I live in Europe. I like my country, Czech republic. I am interested in choir singing and personal development.

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Mgr. Luděk Klimeš
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